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Crash team Racing

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We want Crash team racing remastered version!

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Honestly what's with you?  I'm sure that it would be nice, but it needs to be bundled with the Next Crash Bandicoot game, Crash 2: N-Tranced reverse port of the Gameboy Advanced games, where the levels are all redesigned in 3D with new levels added, with a total of 50 levels at least.
The CTR game bundled with it should have 4k splitscreen mode exclusive to Xbox and PS4 and all versions including the Nintendo Switch getting offline 6player split-screen multiplayer racing via either via GCN adapter, Switch Wired controller, or by connecting multiple Nintendo Switch consoles via wireless LAN they can have up to 6 players (Spyro the Dragon, Penta Penguin, and Mii, will be unlocked from the start)

The Steam version may lack online racing due to to programming issues.  But instead may have a mode where two players can play splitscreen via keyboard, mouse, or wired Playstation or Steam controllers.


6-player splitscreen is more realistic than 8player splitscreen for all three versions, and wireless LAN mode need not be required.  8player online mode and additional online features may be exclusive to PS4 and XboxOne versions.  The Wii U version, which would be the CTR racing game as a download only title, will have an additional 5 player local races using Wii Remotes, Wii Remote plus, Wii U Pro controller, or the Wii U gamepad.  However the Wii U version would run at 30fps for character movements. And 60fps will be limitted to camera movement.  A Nintendo 3DS version may also be made with a single card download play multiplayer mode and a time trial sharing feature.


(yes Mii for Nintendo Switch are finally cool enough to have 100 colors for hair makeup and eyes as an option, so you can now have a platinum blonde character)

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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@Royal4848 wrote:

We want Crash team racing remastered version!

Activision teased it at the "Game Awards "18"

Its confirmed.For a release "19"

Still can't believe it's been more then 20/twenty years



No probs


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Nice version! Great

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I have played every crash bandicoot game there was on playstation 1 and 2.. afterwards i switched to Xbox and to be honest, i felt that crash bandicoot now seemed very outdated to me. Maybe it was because of how the new games have come and offered more and better gaming experience or maybe something else. 

Ethan Campbell

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