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Crash bash remastered

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By chance a remastered crash bash game is planned? 

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Registered: ‎12-05-2019
it would be great if it's planned, I really hope
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Registered: ‎04-07-2018

Personally I think I'd rather see Crash Bash as a PC exclusive in this case. Crash Bash should be contracted to Sony's PlayStation streaming service and possibly a Nintendo Switch remake with motion control minigames added.


Ironically, I see Crash Bash getting he same eyeballs as Twinsanity did when they changed it to an Open World game where the characters personalities were misrepresented.   Dr.Nitrus io should be on Aku Aku's team, while Dingodile should be on Cortex'sTeam for example.


If Crash Bash gets released, It would have to be bundled with Wrath of Cortex or distributed as an online rental.

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Registered: ‎16-02-2019
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