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Crash bash remastered

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By chance a remastered crash bash game is planned? 

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it would be great if it's planned, I really hope
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Personally I think I'd rather see Crash Bash as a PC exclusive in this case. Crash Bash should be contracted to Sony's PlayStation streaming service and possibly a Nintendo Switch remake with motion control minigames added.


Ironically, I see Crash Bash getting he same eyeballs as Twinsanity did when they changed it to an Open World game where the characters personalities were misrepresented.   Dr.Nitrus io should be on Aku Aku's team, while Dingodile should be on Cortex'sTeam for example.


If Crash Bash gets released, It would have to be bundled with Wrath of Cortex or distributed as an online rental.

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Everybody knows Crash Bandicoot video games series.
Recently, Activision released a beautiful remastered version of Crash Bandicoot , Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot : Warped.

As a child , i remember myself playing unlimited hours with my friends Crash Bandicoot : CRASH BASH.

I would be extremely grateful, if somehow Sony Interactive Entertainment or Activision could make a remastered version of this game for the ground of the Playstation 4.

Let's show those people how much we loved that game , and how much we want it back in our lives.

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In response to Crash4Ever:


- I don't, considering how they could really work an amazing cross platform game out of it for the PS & X systems. & given pc versions of games have generally been harder to manage when compared to console versions (when it comes to multiplayer), it'd be foolish for the developers to skip out on another solid crash themed multiplayer game for consoles.

- I don't see it being combo'd with "WOC", from the minimum those two games were from two toally different platform eras of the crash franchise. In addition, WOC has been on the console marketplace since the mid PS3/X360 era, it'd be a little too soon for them to go ahead & relase a remaster it given there's been no decent timeframe gap of it essentially being off mainstream systems. 

As for Crash Bash, it could totally be a standalone game. If they implimented online multiplayer & came up with an assortment of bonus skins & unlocks like they have for CTR:NF. it could hold it's on. It'd be cool to see them do even seasonal stuff for some of the game modes, like Desert Fox turned into a winter tundra for December, & the trees in Swamp Fox decorated for Halloween. CTR has returned with 4 player local play, a remaster of Crash Bash bringing that wide variety of 4 player local play would draw alot of interest, considering how rare such games are these days.


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