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Crash Bandicoot "installation stopped" Xbox One

Crash Bandicoot™ Forum | Activision®

Hi guys,


I bought this Black Friday "Crash Bandicoot" for Xbox One. However, when the installation process start I received "Installation Stopped" message. I called to Microsoft and after I did every single step thay they requested, they told me "you have to contact to ActiVision because the disc may be is bad"

The only option that I see in the ActiVision's webpage is return the game but here is the problem: "I bought the game in US but now I'm back in my country, Chile"


Any option to resolve the issue? Thanks guys!

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Registered: ‎29-11-2018

I couldnt even get the game to read let alone anything else, i spoke with mircosoft then activviosn who have now ignored me for the past week...

I have just tweeted them in hope of something back from them.


It looks like Activision have made a game which isnt fully compatible with  XBOX as they also said to me they have had other people with the same issue... however looks like they are not willing to help anyone or do anything about it, just keeping the game on the shelf to make money and annoy customers! its a shame!

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Registered: ‎06-12-2018
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