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Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy%3A Glitch makes Ripper Roo freeze and impossible to progress further

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This game badly needs an update to improve stability.  I am unable to defeat Ripper Roo because he will randomly stop dropping boxes and sit there.  Nothing I do has an effect on him, and I have been forced to randomly quit the level at least 20 times only for the same result.  

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If you're referring to the glitch where Ripper Roo gets hit, gets  smokey explosion all over him and just sits there.  The glitch was put there on purpose as a way of making the game more difficult, and because it was in the original game's code in another form, to undo this glitch, simply exit and restart the level.


On a side note, are you refferring to Crash 1 or Crash 2, because Ripper Roo is defeated with a spin attack while stunned by the TNT or Nitro Crates in Crash 2.  In Crash 1: Ripper Roo is defeated by jumping on a TNT crate next to him.  But avoid blowing him up while he's stunned or else Ripper Roo will turn invincible.



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