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Crash Bandicoot - Jaws of Darkness missing key glitch HELP!

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I've enjoyed getting back into this great game. It really kicks your tail though, and right now I'm frustrated with what appears to be a glitch that makes getting the key found in the Cortex bonus stage in Jaws of Darkness impossible. Here's my sad story:


I played through the level a million times, dying every few seconds, before finally finding the three Cortex emblems to enter the bonus stage on the Blue Jewel path in Jaws of Darkness. So, I'm playing as Crash. I die many times in the bonus level before finally completing it; NEVER REALIZING the key is found at the end of this bonus stage. I basically "walked through" the key on a play through and saw it sitting there as I was helplessly warped back to the main area of the stage. So, I may have completed the level or jumped to my death, or "Quit" and reentered the stage after that, can't recall. I actually feel great at that point, recognizing that I don't need to get a "no death" 100% runthrough to collect this key. I'm back at the Cortex bonus area in no time, and this time I wait for the key to spawn at the end where Cortex takes off on his flying hoverboard thing. It spawns. I hear the "cha-ching" type sound and the game appears to register that I've got it. Awsome! I complete the level. (Note: I had already cleared Jaws of darkness and collected the clear gem from my previous playthrough... okay, that means I must have finished the level back when I wasn't sure what I did. Yes, I collected the gem but not the key somehow, and this is where I think the problem lies.) The screen returns to the map of Wumpa Islands and I'm left with NO KEY even after the second runthrough where I watied to collect it. I go through again as Crash and the key does not show up now. I try with Coco just for fun and no key. Somewhere my game now believes I've collected the Jaws of Darkness key, but refuses to give me credit. I am forever locked out of that special extra stage on this save file. HELP!!!

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The issue is never going to be addressed if you don't clearly state which game console you purchased the game for.

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