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Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic Couple! Here Are The Reasons As To Why

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Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic Coup...

Hello Crash Bandicoot forums!

I've come to present to you a pairing that the world is seeming to neglect the potential of and that pairing is CrashXCoco lets discuss it:


I have made this topic to show you a very tricky situation about Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot, They have been together for 20 years, they have fought through many battles together, Went on adventures together, But they are called Brother and Sister ?

But what if they weren't ? What if they aren't related in any way ? What if they WEREN'T Brother and Sister ? But you would probably ask me 'Why would you say something like that ?!' 'Whats wrong with you ?!' 

But do you have evidence ? No. Just A Disc. They don't even have a scene where they meet for the very first time. Nothing. There could be something else there. Something.

I always thought that Crash and Coco are not blood related siblings. When Crash was saving Tawna he ran into Coco who was also one of the Cortex' subjects and helped her out. That made Coco really respect Crash and decided to stay with and in time started to call him "big brother". 


Coco Bandicoot was originally Tawna Bandicoot but Tawna Bandicoot's design was heavily altered due to Universal Studios and the Japanese Audience thinking that Tawna was too "Sexy" to be in the Crash Bandicoot games, Which is very baffling to think about Considering how sexually perverted the Japanese Nation is, Also the fact that a Japanese game developing company developed the "Crash Boom Bang" game which they included TAWNA as a playable character in this game really debunks the theory that Japan didn't want a "Super Sexy" female character in the Crash Bandicoot games so it's obvious that Japan wasn't the real reason why Tawna wasn't removed, Lets discuss the real reason:


Suprisingly Tawna did not appear in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. She was replaced by Coco Bandicoot. Naughty Dog later said Tawna was removed for being too inappopraite for kids, as Crash Bandicoot was aimed towards familys. Fans of Tawna either 1) Stopped worrying or caring about her or 2) Didn't believe this and still expected Tawna in the later Crash games. Jason Rubin who had worked on the original Crash Bandicoot gave the REAL reason why she was removed. Appartenly the makerting director of Universal Intecractive Studios was a very small minded woman. She saw the original design of Tawna and insited that the drawing of her should not be in the final game.





The original design of Tawna Bandicoot.


The makerting director was not impressed. She called Jason into the office and yelled at him impyling that Women should not be shown in that manor and that no women would ever wear clothing like that. They had drawn her clothing based off one of the other female employees who worked there and when she walked by the office, the makerting director called her in and yelled at them for half an hour. She insisted that no video game would become famous for having a sexy women in it. She managed to make the president of Universal Interactive Studios so nervous that he asked them to redesign Tawna to the makerting director's image. Tawna was heavily toned down to wear simple clothing. They thought the new design was not what they wanted and scraped Tawna from any Crash game. Also, Tomb Raider was realesed later and appartenly the makerting director left video games forever.




In game model of Tawna. 


Even though she was scrapped, Tawna would still appear as cameos in some Crash games. She appears in a poster in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped! and Crash Bandicoot: The Warth of Cortex and Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Muntant, She also appeared on a sign saying Moulin Cortex in Crash Twinsainity.

Tawna even appeared as a playable character in Crash Boom Bang! A party game that was created by a Japanense team.



Her cameo in Crash Twinsanity!


So while she was scrapped and replaced by Coco Bandicoot. Tawna Bandicoot is one of my favorite Crash characters out there! 

So if Coco Bandicoot was Originally Tawna Bandicoot WHO CRASH HAD ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR doesn't make it as disturbing to think about Crash and Coco having a romantic relationship because again Coco IS Tawna which Crash had romantic feelings for

Now lets talk about the Crash Bandicoot manga which can be read here:



In the Crash Bandicoot manga Crash Bandicoot is shown to be upset and crying because Tawna (His Girlfriend) dumped him for pinstripe, Then afterwards Coco Bandicoot returns to their house and then when Crash saw Coco return home he IMMEDIATELY thought she was Tawna so he rushed to Coco to give her a hug but Coco stopped Crash from hugging her and then she shouted "I'm not Tawna chan!"


Even if this scene in the manga shows that Coco is a entirely different character from Tawna this scene clearly implies that Coco WAS AND IS Tawna but a smaller aged down version of her, the real reason Tawna left Crash for pinstripe was because Universal Entertainment needed a excuse to replace Tawna with Coco, The change was made because as I said Universal Entertainment wanted Crash's female companion to have a more age appropriate appearance for the E rating the game has, but they still didn't need to make Coco his sister for that to happen they should have just aged down Tawna's appearance to Coco's appearance without making her Crash's sister, which would have probably been more profitable for the Crash Bandicoot games because they could have created a pairing fandom for CrashXCoco because Pairing fandoms are known to bring profit to a franchise.

Now lets talk about Crash and Coco's romantic scene in the Crash Bandicoot Mcdonalds commercial


In this scene Crash is shown to be winking at his "Sister" Coco in a flirtatious manner, Isn't that crossing the line if they are supposedly "Brother" and "Sister" this is another example shows that Crash and Coco don't think of themselves as siblings and are eligible to be shipped together

Now lets talk about Crash and Coco's romantic scene in the Crash of The Titans video game


Crash and Coco blushed after Cortex said that to them!

In this scene Cortex tells both Crash and Coco to "Get A Room" that's right he told a "Brother" and "Sister" to get a room and the phrase "Get A Room" means go somewhere private (used as a humorous or mildly disapproving comment on a public display of extremely affectionate or amorous behavior between a couple). meaning that Cortex doesn't mind Crash and Coco getting sexually intimate which implies that he doesn't think that Crash and Coco are blood related or otherwise he and like most other people would be disturbed by incest assuming he is against it which I'm having my doubts that he is after all he did say he was going to spank his niece stupid, Hey well Cortex should know whether or not Crash and Coco are related after all he did create them.

Now lets talk about Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash and Coco romantic scenes:

In this Crash Bandicoot 2 concept art Crash is shown laying on his sister using her ass as a pillow


Isn't that sort of pushing it for a "Brother" and "Sister" relationship if Crash and Coco are brother and Sister ? Well I guess this is understandable because Crash bandicoot 2 was the first game Coco was introduced in, It was the first game where Naughty Dog changed Tawna (Crashes Girlfriend) who Crash had romantic feelings for to Coco so they were still very fresh to Coco's Character so I guess they have to still remember that Coco is no longer Tawna who is Crashes Girlfriend.

Now lets talk about Crash Bandicoot 3 Crash and Coco Romantic scenes:

In Crash Bandicoot 3 both Crash and Coco portrays the characters from the movie (Terminator 2 Judgement Day) Crash was portraying (The Terminator/T-800 (Model 101)) And Coco was portraying (Sarah Connor):

Crash Bandicoot As The Terminator/T-800 Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger):


Coco Bandicoot As Sarah Connor:


In the Terminator 2 Judgement Day movie there was some romantic hints between the characters Terminator/T-800 Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Sarah Connor:

So If the Crash Bandicoot 3 game is based off Terminator 2 Judgement Day movie then what are they trying to imply with Crash and Coco in that game ? that they are also lovers as well ?:


Now lets talk about Crash Tag Team Racing Crash and Coco romantic Scenes:

When Crash uses his attacks to hit Coco in Crash Tag Team Racing her response to the attack was "Ouch! I'm telling Mom! If we had one."


This clearly implies that Crash and Coco do not know who their parents are which means they do not know if they are truly related, So this means as of now since it has never been stated who Crash and Coco's parents are it's not disgusting to think about shipping Crash and Coco together due to incest if it hasn't be confirmed that they are born from the same parents.

Now lets talk about Crash Mind Over Mutant Crash and Coco romantic scenes:

Just as shown in Crash Tag Team Racing, If you use one of Crash's attacks to hit Coco in Crash Mind Over Mutant one of Coco's quotes are "I'll tell Mom! (Whispers to self) Who is she anyway?"



So if Coco is still wondering who her and Crash's parents are then technically both Crash and Coco shouldn't really consider themselves to be blood related siblings, I know you guys are probably going to say that "Crash and Coco both have orange fur" and "Crash and Coco have green eyes they must be related" and my response to that is SO WHAT?! Tawna has Orange fur and has Green eyes so are you going to say that Tawna is related to both Crash and Coco ? And afterall Crash and Tawna dated before so I guess you guys want to call that incest now to ? But the point is that as of now until Crash and Coco's parents are revealed it's not disgusting to ship Crash and Coco together romantically if there is no actual incest involved.

Now lets talk about Crash Landed Crash and Coco romantic scenes:

The Crash Landed game is a game that takes place in a timeline in between the events of the games Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Landed was an origin story, and it was going to be a fresh, new start that retold how Crash came to be the bumbling hero we all know and love. After being mutated by Cortex, he would have gotten entangled with the task of rescuing his fellow bandicoots. Unlike Crash, these bandicoots weren't evolved by scientific contraptions, so they were still small, defenseless critters. They were internally referred to as "bandicutes", and some of the concept art shows that they would sometimes get trapped in dangerous areas until Crash freed them. Dingodile was ordered to Capture as many Bandicoots as he possibly could so that they could also be mutated the same way Crash was:


Crash made it his goal to save these Bandicoots from danger, But out of all the other Bandicoots there was one particular Bandicoot that he got very close to who many Crash Bandicoot fans suspect it to be Coco before she got mutated by Cortex's evolvo ray:


Crash must have failed to protect this particular Bandicoot from Dingodile which is why Dingodile was successfully able to capture it and get it mutated into Coco Bandicoot

The Crash Landed game takes place on Black Rock Island http://crashbandicoo...ack_Rock_Island that Crash or Cortex has never been to before but there are Bandicoots on this Island, Crash Bandicoot was Born and mutated on Wumpa Island and The Island the Crash Landed game takes place on isn't Wumpa Island, So if Coco was born on this new Black Rock Island then how is she in anyway related to Crash ? real life Bandicoots cannot swim so it's not like Coco's Mother swam from Black Rock Island to Wumpa Island to give birth to Crash there, And if you want to say that Coco's Mother was mutated to a humanoid shape like Crash and Coco allowing her to swim like a Human then that wouldn't make Sense either because if she did give birth to Crash as a mutant on Wumpa Island then he would already be born as a Mutant which wouldn't make sense because Cortex was the one shown to mutate Crash so no Crash and Coco DO NOT share the same mother, In other words Crash and Coco are NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY, So therefore it's very much ok to ship them together romantically.

Finally my last point on this subject, When you complete Crash Bandicoot 1 on the insane trilogy remake of the original Crash bandicoot games you are shown a Ending cut scene and this is what Tawna said in the ending cutscene:


Tawna said to Crash that when they find a place she will make him a nice wumpa pie, But when crash finally found a home the only girl that was with him living in that home was Coco ?


This makes it obvious that Tawna was replaced and turned into Coco, That's why coco shouldn't be looked at as Crashes sister when someone thinks of pairing them romantically but rather look at Coco as a redesigned aged down version of Tawna but regardless in essence Coco is Tawna who was crashes girlfriend and still is because she lives on in Coco! which means that it is very much ok to pair Crash and Coco together romantically

The reason why I ship Crash and Coco together because they are like Yin and Yang, one compliments the other, Crash cannot get through life as a Idiot without Coco's brain power to support him and Coco cannot handle the hard jobs without Crashes muscle, They can't live without each other! they complete each other!


But I swear if Activision pairs Coco with Crunch together romantically i'm going to be super piissed!



Crash and Coco forever!


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Re: Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic ...

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Re: Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic ...

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Re: Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic ...

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No. It requires a complete story rewrite. In this case, use Tawna instead.

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Re: Crash And Coco Bandicoot Should Be A Romantic ...

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This post disgusted me. None of your points makes no goddamn since. If they are siblings there shouldn't be a meeting scene cuz they are siblings. When my younger sister was born I didn't go "hi I'm colton who are you" I just went on with my life. Also how do we know if the Manga is even *****ing canonical to the crash games. Also the crash of the titans clips when cortex says "get a room" they might of blushed but my color bind ass couldn't see it but after that they look pretty pissed, also what's wrong with siblings hugging each other. So your reasons why that Crash should be with Coco is plain retarded. I need an apology for reading this ***** and thanks for proving that God is dead.

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