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Crash 1 - 105% bug, stuck to 104%

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There's a bug with the 27th gem where if you fight cortex and then collect your 27th gem in "Stormy Ascent" you miss out on 1%. This might also be the case for getting your 27th gem in "Hog Wild" or "Fumbling in the dark", please fix this ^^.


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Registered: ‎17-07-2018

Up !


Many players including me encounter this very same and specific issue !

People are stuck at 104% instead of 105% even if every collectible (gem, keys, every platinium relic..) is collected.


Please fix it, it's so ***** annoying, it's excluded for me to start this whole game / collecting over again avoiding to collect the gem of one of those 3 optional levels "Stormy Ascent" "Hog Wild" or "Fumbling in the dark" AFTER the Cortex fight.

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