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Compilation of highly requested QoL changes in CTR:NF

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Hey Team


Beenox knocked it out of the park in the latest grand prix with the addition of the Lost Cup, Driving style options, fan favorite characters and vehicles, Tawna Pink, fixed hovercraft headlights, etc. and I hope I speak for the rest of the fans in saying that we're grateful for what Beenox has done with CTR:NF-- they should be very proud of their work! 


Looking towards the future of CTR:NF, I posed a question on Reddit asking fellow fans what additions and quality of life changes they would like to see in the game in the coming months. Based on responses from the community, these are the results, with the most commonly suggested changes at the top. If any of these could be implemented at some point during the game's life cycle, we would greatly appreciate it! Keep up the good work.


Most highly requested

  • Be able to save kart-character setups/loadouts (i.e. combinations of skins, kart bodies, wheels, paint jobs) so we don't have to manually re-choose them every time
  • Host migration in online lobbies, so that if a host leaves, the connection is switched to a different player in the lobby rather than the lobby disbanding
  • Add a checkpoint system to the tracks so players can't use lap skipping exploits
  • Display driving class on time trial leaderboards, and allow us to view records for one class at a time
  • Allow players to save ghost data and share ghosts with their friends so they can race each other's ghosts in time trials
  • Remove "glitched" times from the time trial leaderboards, or times that would otherwise be impossible to achieve normally
  • Add an Online Cup mode, at least in private lobbies. (If host migration was present it could be in matchmaking)
  • Pay mind to invisible walls, especially on ramps. There are a few notorious ones in Deep Sea Driving, Prehistoric Playground, and a new one in Nina's Nightmare. If their hitboxes can be adjusted or eliminated, that'd be fantastic
  • Add a CNK Story Mode as paid DLC (maybe $10)
  • Feature a Grand Prix Track based on the Great Wall levels in Crash Warped
  • Make Nitros Oxide Edition content available for purchase, maybe a $10-15 "Nitros Oxide bundle" in the Playstation Store, etc. that owners of the standard edition can buy and digitally download


  • Increase the speed stats for the Balanced and Turning classes
  • Implement a button mapping configuration scheme where players can map any command to any button
  • Have character victory phrases alternate between the two versions at random, rather than a "win once" vs "win twice" victory line
  • Add the option to toggle preferred camera style in the options menu, much like preferred boost meter display already is, rather than manually pressing L2 at the starting line
  • For boost meter displays, add a "CNK" option that puts the gauge right next to the character on screen during power slides
  • Add the option to toggle the boost counter, like the CTR cheat and in CNK, in the options menu
  • Add the option to toggle a boost reserve meter in the options menu
  • If two tracks get tied in matchmaking, the winning track should be chosen at random rather than the topmost track winning

Menu additions and alterations

  • In arcade mode, for CTR challenges and Relic races, display whether or not the track has been "completed" by showing a star or a filled in coin/relic slot (adds a sense of progression)
  • Display whether or not cups have been completed as well using stars, like in the original CTR and CNK
  • In the Extras menu, put in all the Adventure Mode cutscenes, CTR TV segments, and a character model gallery (ft podium animations, possibly character bios)
  • Sort the CNK tracks by their homeworld in the original CNK adventure mode
  • More subdivisions/organization to the customization menus to make navigating wheels and paint jobs easier (beyond basic, exotic, and legendary)
  • On the matchmaking menu, indicate the number of wumpa coins and the amount of wumpa time remaining

Customization options

  • Customizable Cups: let us create our own cups with 4 tracks of our choosing
  • Let players customize the special karts, e.g. Firehawk and Retro Karts
  • Add a black-and-white and white-and-black paint job
  • Add the option to toggle skins off for AI racers in arcade mode, to recreate the "classic" feel where AI has default skins
  • Allow players to customize the order of characters on the selection screen
  • Put in a customization menu online before entering a race

Online features

  • Add the option to toggle Mirror mode in private lobbies (probably not matchmaking)
  • Add the option to toggle various items in private racing lobbies like in battle mode. We'd like item-less races!
  • Add the option to toggle blue fire pads to "default," "all," or "none" in private lobbies, giving the option for normal, all-blue fire, and no-blue fire races on any track
  • Add the option to do 1-lap races 
  • Feature a "team mode" either in private lobbies and/or matchmaking (teams of 2 or 4)
  • Implement splitscreen online play
  • If players 1 and 2 are on different accounts, award them each their own wumpa coins and nitro points as if they were playing single player (given they both own the game)
  • Add Photo Mode online (displays a feed of the best photos from the day, could include an upvoting system)
  • Add a cross-play mode online so PS4, Switch, and Xbox players can interact (remove exclusive content like Retro Stadium)

Battle mode

  • Additional battle maps, like the new racing tracks
  • Addition of a scoreboard
  • You hit/Hit you stats like in the original
  • Camera control/spectator options after being eliminated
  • Team picking in private matches
  • Adjustable item probabilities (offline/private matches), so some items can appear more rarely or frequently
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