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Can't Do Anything Other Than Move

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I bought the game on Steam, and when I first tried it, it was far too laggy to play it, so I decided to wait it out (new games usually become lag-free after a month or so). After about a month, I loaded the game up, I pressed Continue game for Crash 1, and put me on the map screen in a constant spinning state (camera scroll around the island). I am able to move between points (which is only N. Sanity Beach and Stormy Ascent), but cannot do anything else, cannot load up the menu, cannot select menus, or anything, so I have to Alt+F4. I tried starting a new game, loaded into N. Sanity Beach, and was able to use W, A, S, D, left, right, up, and down keys to move, but no other keys were functioning (space, escape, M1). I clicked on the Options menu before continuing or starting a game, to check the key bindings, and I manually went through and confirmed all of the key bindings, but only the movement controls still worked, none of the other keys. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game, but the problem persists.

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Vicarious Visions fault, they don't know how to port a game to a console that isn't Playstation.  Personally I think that the game flopped on PC and XBox because Vicarious really didn't care about any versions except the PS4 version.

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