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Can i unlock Nitros oxide in Nitros oxide edition CTR Nitro Fueled

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One question I can't quite find the answer to anywhere on the internet is:

In the 2 editions of CTR the Nitros Oxide edition and standard edition, can you choose to win / earn Nitros Oxide instead of getting him automatically.


I want to purchase the Nitros Oxide edition but I also don't want to be given the character, I want to have to earn him.

It does say "*Nitros Oxide character and Oxide's Hovercraft kart also earnable in-game as rewards in the Adventure Mode." but does that mean only for standard edition? Or becuase they are Earnable is there a choice wither or not you want to earn them or be given them?


Ive asked on Reddit and one person has given me a solution, to buy a Disc version of the game and not use the download codes for oxide, but I want a digital copy. 


Can someone please give me a solution or explain to me how this works?

I would prefer an edition of the game with all the addons minus the free oxide. I want to go through the effort to earn him.

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Yes/No,Theres 2\Two modes for aventure mode Classic and Nitro fueled,One you can play the original campaign/Story or,Two Unlock stuff like characters,Etc.Again its completely up to you.I you like to have all contents.From day 1/one.Then Nitrous Edition is for you.remember the customision is all unlockable,(Except Nitrous Edition customizastion content.


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So that means if I want the Nitrous Edition Exclusive content I need to purchase that edition, but I will have all the content and characters on day 1???

I want the exclusive content, but I don't want the characters.. sounds like its not possible..



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Registered: ‎29-05-2019
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