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CTR Nitro Fueled - Shortcuts???

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Please check out these shortuts in this video:


I want to hear people's thoughts on whether they should include the all of the "glitchy" shortcuts / shortcuts that wasn't intended to be there, in the remaster. If you follow Oxide's ghost in the time trials, I believe it's shows which were intended and which were not. Obviously they are going to remove the "out of bounds" ones, and I think they should. But some of the other "unitentional shortcuts" are widely known and used in the community, and they are a big part of the experience for old school and hardcore CTR players. And I feel like remasters are made mostly for these players. Therefore I personally think they should leave some of them in there. Like the big jump over the fence in Blizzard Bluff. 


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All rights with respect go to DevTek_ART for his post 22 weeks ago.

please feel free to look at features and devs helping make/dev the 

game in "19",June.



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Because of the multiplayer nature of the game, glitchy shortcuts should not be used in CTR Nitro Fueled.
It's really a no-brainer.  You'd have to have no brain to not remove the glitchy shortcut like the one they had in the N64 version of Wario Stadium.

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