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CTR Nitro Fueled - Early feedback

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As demos have already been handed out to a few selected people, lots of videos have surfaced on YouTube containing thoughts and feedback on the game in its current state. So I thought about making a thread where us fans (that are not necessarily YouTubers) can collect all our thoughts and feedback. As of now, this is mainly based on gameplay footage of the demo, but no reason not to start speaking our minds right?


My thoughts:



  • Yes. The graphics looks amazing. Environment and characters.
  • Character "expression" animations are incredible and a big improvement from the original imo.
  • New details and props to the tracks are overall great. (Maybe a bit too much on some tracks, I fear they won't feel the same or be unrecognisable).
  • Showcase of track before start is really cool.
  • Cool new character selection screen.


  • Several sound effects seem off... However I think many of these are just placeholders and will be changed.
    • Aku Aku's voice is terrible. His original voice was amazing and almost sounded like Morgan Freeman. This is just bad. Hopefully just a placeholder.
    • Nitro crates have a deep boom sound instead of the iconic glass-like explosion sound
    • Kart engines are quieter. It takes away some original feel.
    • Sound when picking up Wumpa fuits are too exaggerated with a heavy bell sound for each pickup. Seems distracting to me.
  • A bit concerned about feedback from boosting. The visual effect from the exhaust doesn't look very powerful to me. The flames are smaller than originally.
  • DINGODILE'S MODEL. Heard it mentioned many times. He doesn't look like himself. It was bad in the Warped remake and bad here. His face is too fat and awkward and the body also a bit. Really hope they change him!
  • Character icons. I think these are just shots of the models, and they don't look very good imo. I really hope they will make 2D drawings and make them look a lot more like the originals. Someone tried putting the N. sane trilogy icons into the HUD and I think this looks a lot better:iujxz379hne21Other
  • I don't have any strong wishes for new additions of characters/tracks, although I hope they add Spyro (and a Spyro themed track), which there has been a lot of talk about.
  • A lot of these points + other were mentioned in this analysis video. Check it out!



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I don't care.


Actual fact:CTR came out 

30th September,1999.

So technically it's not its 

[20th]Anniversary,yet until 30th September 2019

Releases:21st June 2019

interesting back 20 years ago there wasn't online play with most of these 

games & the Online shop didn't times changed.

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The boost seens to be diferent because on the demo dont have the reserve system. That mechanics stacks previous boosts that you have done before for you maintain in highspeed.

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Yes on Spyro Themed Racetracks and Spyro as a playable character.  I was hoping we could get a dlc "Dragon Cup" that uses the Crystal Dragon as the icon for 5 racetracks that are based on different dragon rhealms.


As for Dingodile's face, Dingodile looks exactly like he did in Warped for the PSOne, minus the green Crocodile face in his user icon.  This was due to poor graphics in the PSOne era, and his crocodile face features have been omitted in all games since.  ImI okay if he looks he same as in Not Sane Trilogy, but I have to admit, I am highly disappointed that Activision couldn't figure out that Dingodile's nose was based off of a Crocodile and not a Mammal.


Nintendo Switch needs a multiplayer app so that up to 6 players can play offline via local wireless.  Definitely needs at least 6players local.  An Activision official licensed pair of Bluetooth headphones for play in all of Activision's Nintendo Switch games online.  And Online mode should be free and not require Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription for those that purchase the deluxe copy of CTR Nitro Fueled free online gameplay when playing with friends.

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