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Ability to play the track you want, instead of joining/leaving lobbies over and over and over...

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Hi, why release a new track and make it ridiculously hard to actually play it online?

The track is amazing, the map, music, everything, but I’m sick of spending 20 minutes joining and leaving lobbies over and over and over and over and over again to actually find a lobby with Twilight Tour in the map vote.


PLEASE provide us the option to choose what track we want to play when going online, and find other players who also want to play it! CTR has so many good tracks, and it’s so frustrating being forced to choose between 3 random ones every time.

The ability to choose what map you want to play online has existed in games since the 90s, I don’t know why this isn’t here.


You’ve released challenges as well, winning Nitro Points for coming 1st on Twilight Tour or finishing Crash Cove in every position, yet players are forced to keep joining and leaving lobbies until they find it.

I just played Twilight Tour, 1st the entire race, then someone overtook me before the finish line. Now I have to p!ss around for 20 minutes joining and leaving lobbies over and over and over again to try and find that track again.


I came home from work yesterday excited to play the new track, and instead got p!ssed off wasting 20 mins sitting on my couch watching lobby loading screens getting more and more frustrated and just turned the game off.


I can see other people joining and leaving lobbies too, and when a lobby is finally found, everyone in it votes for Twilight Tour or Crash Cove.


It’s extremely frustrating and poor user experience. It honestly really drags the gameplay down and makes me not want to play the game.


Also, can you please add an option in the settings to remember what camera view the user prefers? It’s pretty annoying having to press L2 at the start of EVERY race. Would be nice to just have an option for that camera angle to permanently stay on.


Would also be nice to have cups online. Was genuinely surprised this wasn’t included on release, as myself and friends always play cups split screen, as it’s a more fun experience rather than single tracks every time.


If these things can be addressed, that would be absolutely amazing. The work put into this game is incredible, it’s honestly such an awesome game and the authenticity, love and modernization has been executed so well, but these things are making myself and others turn the game off rather than keep playing.

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Registered: ‎04-07-2019
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