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Why are the archers arrows so slow?



I though archers are supposed to be the most feared. Well not in this stupid game where there arrows are extremely slow and you can hit no one also the hit damage is crap. For example the WARBOW mostly still gets hit markers. At the end of a game I got 7 kills and 10 assists if the arrows actually went faster and done more damage I could actually kill something. I think bows and arrows should be insta killed because you mostly only hit the target once and only do so small damage please fix this. Archers need to be more feared as they were in the medieval era if your gunna make or publish a game about swords and bows do it properly and do your research. Read the book azincourt by Bernard corwall archers were the most feared warriors because of their strength and anyone who took a hit with an arrow was not getting back up. even when soldiers on horse back with heavy plate armour if they took a hit the arrow might not kill them but it would sure as hell will knock the rider off.

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Registered: ‎04-05-2015
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