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Despite update, Chivalry on Xbox1, many players STILL without prepurchased DLC...


update allows for saving clips and screen shots, but problem with DLC hasnt gone away. Many players are still unable to access that which we paid for. For myself and the friends I convinced to try out this game this is a very frusterating problem. The game itself is awesome despite this glarring issue, but I dont know how much longer we will play and invest if the dlc issue continues.

When will the proper patch come out?

Are there any workarounds?

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Registered: ‎14-12-2015

Yeah I too am having this problem as well as many other Xbox One players...its pretty frustrating nd the Support for the game is terrible! I'm convinced this is one of the worst companies when it  comes to customer service....EA isnt even this bad!

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Don't worry I'm sure they'll tell use they're working on a fix and a new patch will come out soon. N probably won't work thenvironment either.

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First off I'd like to say I enjoy your game. I was one that bought it on the Xbox one. However, I am one of the FEW who is STILL unable to use the dlc that I paid for with the ultimate edition. This is very sad for a company for these things to have not been tested and made sure they work 100% before release. I have Uninstalled them, reinstalled them and nothing works. Even after the patch that was released that was supposed to have fixed it. I would really like to use the dlc I paid for soon or a refund.

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these guys are incompetent shit bags i doubt theyll git a patch out to fix our problem without a lawsuit

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Registered: ‎20-12-2015

same problem plz fix faster , i did pay for the add ons i expect to use them but great game love playing it

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Registered: ‎06-01-2016

Same problem here. Please fix. Going to get my money back if this isn't fixed soon...

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Same problem, notice there are no replies from these dbags. They got their money they could care less about the people they've already stolen from, at least man up and say you're phoking idiots and maybe one day we will squish our tiny brains together and find a solution.

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I believe in you Activision, you guys aren't idiots, what he's trying to say is we wish Chivalry had more support than it currently does.

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Registered: ‎01-03-2016
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