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Chivalry Medieval Warfare- Update? When?


It's rather humourous seeing as a company as big as Activision being able to make a game series like "COD" which is basically just a copy and paste of the last COD game into a new one. And seeing as the console version of Chivalry is a copy and paste as well, why can they not even give us an update? 

It's not like we're asking for eternal power or the moon, right? Chivalry on the console port could earn just as much money as a game like COD if Activision were to support it. Understandably, it is a big risk, but that's what every company who develops a new game is doing. They're taking a risk in making a game, so Activision, where is the support for Chivalry?

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Registered: ‎31-08-2016

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