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Cant use the bought dlc for chivalry Xbox one


Hey again,

Thanks for trying that and getting back to me with that information. Let me send your information in as well so we can investigate the issue. I'll send you a private message as soon as I hear something back.


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I'm calling Microsoft for a refund soon if this issue isn't resolved. This is completely unacceptable. I paid money for DLC that I can't access, and it's been almost a month since that purchase. Whether it's Activision side or Torn Banner, Engineering or QA, I don't really care. I gave you money, and you gave me a really frustrating bug that hasn't been addressed for almost a month. I feel conned. Like I said, I'd like an update and a fix for this issue soon or I will rightly be calling Microsoft and demanding a refund, and staying away from Activision products in the future.

Good day.

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Just bought Chivalry Ultimate Edition on my xbox one yesterday and I am having this same issue that even though all my dlc is downloaded, in game it says I must buy the DLC. I see other people using this DLC in game yet mine will not work. I hope this gets fixed but xbox support is on call for me ready for my okay to give me my refund.

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