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Join The Resistance in the Latest Community Event for Call of Duty: WWII

Five weeks of The Resistance will give players a new Division, new game modes, new weapons, free Supply Drops and more!

By Kevin Kelly on January 19, 2018 Editorial Manager
Level 28

The Resistance is the latest community event to come to Call of Duty: WWII! This five-week event highlights the resistance fighters in World War II. Beginning on January 23 and lasting until February 27, The Resistance community event has something for everyone, as it will bring with it a brand-new Division, new game modes, new gear, free supply drops and more!


The Resistance is an all-new playable and permanent Division added to multiplayer, available to all players, starting on January 23. This Division focuses on the element of surprise and close-quarters combat.

Once fully-leveled up, Resistance skills will include a Pistol Tactical Knife combo, the ability to scramble nearby enemy mini-maps, an additional pistol attachment, and a mini-map indicator in the direction of nearby hostiles. The Resistance Division also includes a new pistol, which can be used by all Divisions, the 9mm SAP pistol.


In addition to Gun Game, which will be returning during The Resistance, players can enjoy two new Call of Duty: WWII game modes at different times during the event.

Demolition: Continuing with the Resistance theme, Demolition is a spin on Search & Destroy with respawns available. Faster-paced and more accessible, this classic favorite will return for two weeks during The Resistance.

Prop Hunt: This fan-favorite game mode also makes its debut in Call of Duty: WWII, as players will have the opportunity to hide in plain site as objects, while the enemy team hunts them down.

The Resistance signifies the return of Captain Butcher, and this time he has returned from aiding the Resistance on the front lines. He has an all-new Resistance-themed look, and has brought some new gear secured by these freedom fighters back with him. With new promotions and contracts, Captain Butcher is back to help players get their hands on new loot and survive on the front lines.


In addition to new Collections of Resistance-styled gear, players can also obtain new weapons via Orders from Major Howard. These include a new assault rifle: the Volkssturmgewehr, the Orso: a new SMG, and a new melee weapon: the Combat Knife.


The Resistance will also provide some free loot for your loadout. Players can receive a free Resistance Supply Drop every week during The Resistance, simply by logging in. Players can earn a total of five Resistance Supply Drop by logging in during each week of the event, and note that free Supply Drops do not carry over, so you must log in to redeem them each week.

So, be sure to set your clocks for January 23 in order to join the ranks of the freedom fighters and experience an all-new Division, new game modes, new weapons, free supply drops and more! Viva la Resistance!

For more intel about Call of Duty: WWII, visit and follow @CallofDuty and @SHGames on Twitter.


Level 1

Why is there never anything for zombies players? Feeling left always.

Not applicable

 The resistance division is exactly what I was asking for. I love pistols in this game and go pistol only sometimes. I've been wanting a basic training for more pistol attachments and maybe a tactical knife but a whole division for it is even better. I am very excited for this update 

Level 14


Level 1

After download 6,5 Gb patch, game don't start. Restart Steam don't work, still dont launch.

Level 1

wow why cant you people just get one game right...your last download stoped the game from working thank you.....and the hacking you said you would stop well good luck on that too... the hacking is still going please tell me why we can not have servers ?? O i know you will not make the millions of dollars right please fix this..and you wonder why people are not buying call of duty no more... i rember when i started playing there was thousands of people playing and do the math.....

when does it come to usa



Level 2

Since the update sadly my gameplay is much slower to do everything and my character can hardly run. Also when am I if ever ging to be able to play in English so I can understand what is going on....I have to keep changing my PS4 language to Spanish which I dont fully understand but at least it is better than Italian

Level 1

So, since this update I haven't been able to launch the game.

Level 1

New update is sh*t. Game is unresponsive and laggy. Bullet damage is weak af now and game doesn't work properly most times. Every game goes way too one sided and I'M sick tired of gettin owned by hacking dicks. This is crap now, was way better before resistance update! New character is meh , now all u see is everyone running around with that kit scrambling ur map, it's garbage. Please fix, but it won't get fixed. They'll just nerf the crap out of all the quality guns and only hackers will succeed as usual ... Went from 8/10 to a 4/10 imo. Weak update. 

Level 2

What happened to the event calendar? It was on this page a couple days ago..

I opened 6 Resistance supply drops at once and got 15 duplicates. Some were 7 day contracts, but mostly 24 hour and Captain Butcher contracts. Why would I buy a bundle for $20 for duplicates? And when are they going to put the new DLC in regular game modes? It's sad that PS4 has decided to put gaming on the back burner and worry more about making money through apps. I'm ready to be done with Sony. I'd rather shoot turtles on the Switch!

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