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Get Your Squad Back Together for Call of Duty: WWII

The live-action trailers are here, which means that the game is right around the corner. Time to get the band back together and see what you can do when we go back to our roots on November 3!

By Kevin Kelly on October 15, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

It’s time to assemble your teammates, because you’ll need them by your side when Call of Duty®: WWII drops on November 3. These three live-action trailers, directed by Simon McQuoid, show how the bonds of squads don’t fade over time. When it comes time to answer the call, they are always ready and willing. Squad up, and let’s go.

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This comment has nothing to do with Cod. Not completely sure if it is you guys who made True Crimes but another police good cop bad cop video game would be great. Maybe take place in  Chicago or  Seattle? Our community Could use something like that in our lives. 

 First of all I'm so excited to see WWII Call of DUTY! Beta was great! Everybody is waiting on information of Clan WARS! Reserting their clans and when a clan app is going to be available! Will it be muti-platform? This was huge with Ghost and AW! Please feel free to contact me on Twitter- @Iron_EAGLE777 The COD community will be greatful! Only a few more weeks until the release! Thankfully- IRONEAGLE777 😎👊💙

Level 1



Cant wait!

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