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Call of Duty Is The #1 Top-Selling Console Video Game Franchise Worldwide for 2016!

Thanks to our incredible fans, Call of Duty continues to be a dominant video game franchise around the world.

By Kevin Kelly on January 20, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

We are excited to share the news that the Call of Duty franchise is the #1 top-selling console video game franchise worldwide for the seventh time in the last eight years, and for the eighth year in a row for the United States, based on revenue.

Call of Duty is the #1 console franchise worldwide in 2016,” said Eric Hirshberg, Activision CEO.  “We’re thankful to our players for once again putting Call of Duty on top, and we recognize how rare this is – to do year after year. That’s why we push to deliver innovations and incredible gameplay that are worthy of the best fans in the world time and again. And we have an exciting year ahead in 2017.”

*Source: NPD data, GFK data & internal estimates.

The excitement of Call of Duty will continue to provide thrills when the first DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on January 31, first on PlayStation® 4. Sabotage will bring four new maps to Infinite Warfare, along with a new horror-focused zombies experience, Rave in the Redwoods.

For more intel about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty and @InfinityWard on Twitter.


Level 1

Why when you make COD you don't make all the game modes for hardcore?  I don't want to unload a clip into someone to kill them without a head shot.  If I wanted that I would play halo.  Especially add mercs to hardcore.  I am an it older and I play this when my kids are asleep and don't want to play against 5 buddies that have nothing better to do but play this game all day and I am on a team of idiots.  Just about every match I play is like that.  I get so excited when I get put into a lobby where it seems no one knows each other.  Is it that hard to make the other game types for hardcore?!

Level 1

Good job dumb asses you send call of duty over to were PlayStation were players don't even hardly know esports excised.  Xbox is were your competitive players are new all the good players have to got to PlayStation were all the cheap players play any one !Y brother talks to one that non pro system trash ps4 even had to change there controller to match Xbox so they have to copy. That sound t

Like they should have the the pro league. No stupid ps4 only have Call of duty why trash no good play all running around playing every game wrong. Sooo all the good player have to come form Xbox I mean that is were all the cod pros came for XBOX.  Xbox will be here when you retarded people over there realize.


Level 2

Considering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was one of the most-hated games of 2016, I'm very surprised by this information. I just hope the next Call of Duty game sees vast improvement (and a release on Nintendo Switch).

I'm already prestige on infinite warefare I love it and in future call of duties I think you all should add hardcore hardpoint I know it doesn't sound right but it's one of my favorite game modes and I play hardcore everyday.

I wonder how after so many games, that you still haven't fixed the online problems on Xbox live. In at least 8 out of 10 games i play there a massiv problems with lag and *****up signal. In one game every thing is perfekt, and the next 5 games the signal is totally *****ed. ***** all the dlc and just fix the *****ing problem with the servers 😡😡. And no its NOT my internet thats poor. I have a 50/50 and open NAT type. 

How come, that there is not the same problems on the PS network???😳😳. 


JUST *****ING FIX IT😡😡😡😡😡

Level 1

Will never buy another COD until they make the game fair for people who liove close to the servers. They took everyones money in the greater NYC area when BO3 came out and never warned anyone that they would always be at a timing disadvantage. Then they brought in Europeans and Canadians and others long dostance to that NY server and no one local could get a fair game. It was a slaughter. You could empty dredge clips into a long distance player and he would kill you. If AV would take the time to look at the stats for ppl who live near the NY server in NY, NJ, MA, eastern Pa they would see their stats are very poor compared to Canadians and Mid Westerners and Europeans who played on that server. It's not fair and many local people have abandoined COD because of it.

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