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Call of Duty: Heroes Hits 30 Million Downloads, Introduces New Perk System and Challenge Mode

Enhance your base and troops with new Perks and take on a new Challenge mode.

By Scott Lowe on April 22, 2016 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Today, we’re excited to announce that Call of Duty: Heroes has surpassed 30 million downloads globally*, and to celebrate, we’re launching a major update that includes an all-new Perk System and Challenge Mode. A free-to-play combat strategy game for smartphones and tablets, Call of Duty: Heroes lets players take control their own military outpost, forge an army of elite soldiers, and build defenses drawn from or inspired by the Call of Duty universe.

Building upon the major 2.0 update introduced in November, version 2.4 of Call of Duty: Heroes will let players enhance their troops and bases with unique Perks, like Override, which increases troops’ offensive power, Stronghold, which bolsters base defenses, and Micromanagement, which optimizes base economy and resource generation. Perks can be earned and unlocked through Helipad Supply Drops, in-game events, or the all-new Challenge Mode.

Challenge Mode introduces a new way to play, wherein players are given a set amount of troops, Heroes, and Killstreaks to clear a series of seven stages with increasing difficulty. Clearing stages rewards players with resources and Challenge Coins.

Call of Duty: Heroes is available now via the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and the Amazon Appstore.

*According to Activision Blizzard internal data.


Level 1

hi activision i need hep is a emergenci im a player of blacks ops 3 and a friend of my school informate me my name in ps4 is pepombus and his name is xeitojose coment you that i am a hacker can yyou help me pls thank you for read thid

Level 1

Commander in Call Of Duty Hero's

 Could you guys discuss the idea of maybe allowing only the commander of alliance to pick and chose who can war or who cannot? This would help a commander strategize againts his opponent while allowing the new members of alliance to prove their worth to the alliance. It is a massive headache when you try your best to recruit good ACTIVE players and the war generator ends up picking people whose are not active and we end up with a no win plus uncertainty of who really is worth keeping in alliance. If you could add this to your next update that would make this game so much more interesting. Thank you in advance.

Level 1

Just wondering if you have a time figure that you expect to have the error 103 fix  ?

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