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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Now Available

The wait is over: Black Ops is back.

By Scott Lowe on November 5, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

The wait is over: Black Ops is back! After months of anticipation, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is available now around the world. With an all-new campaign that can be played solo or in four-player co-op*, the 1940s film noir zombies experience, Shadows of Evil, and massive new multiplayer features, like a new momentum-based, chained movement system and the introduction of Specialists—Black Ops 3 is the biggest, most ambitious Blacks Ops game to-date.

Of course, in true Black Ops fashion, there’s so much more for fans to discover and experience—whether it’s exploring the data vaults of the Safe House in campaign, uncovering the heavily-rumored Nightmares mode, or gaining access to the new Dead Ops arcade*. Those that pre-ordered Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC also get instant access to the reimagined fan-favorite multiplayer map, Nuk3town, as a bonus map. And for zombies fans, there’s The Giant, the next chapter in the classic Black Ops zombies story that’s included with Black Ops 3 Collector’s Editions and for Season Pass owners**.

But there’s even more to come—Black Ops 3 will help usher in a new era of Call of Duty eSports with the inaugural season of the Call of Duty World League, which kicks off this January.

Lastly, to celebrate Black Ops 3’s launch, earlier this week we released a star-studded live-action trailer, titled “Seize Glory,” which features scenes inspired by all three modes. Check it out in the player above or by visiting

For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, be sure to follow @Activision, @CallofDuty, and the developers @Treyarch on Twitter.

* Call of Duty: Black Ops III PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions do not include a co-op or single-player campaign game mode, and do not contain all game features present in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, including Safe House from the campaign mode as well as bonus content such as Nightmares mode, Nuk3town, The Giant, and Dead Ops Arcade.  Game performance varies by platform.  For more details visit

**Season Pass not available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.



really bruh? Servers down      no one online?

sserver problemS? How come the beta version worked better??? Did u put out the beta so u could make sure and make the game suck or what?

Level 1

Iv been trying to get a game for the past 6 hours, I buy the to play it not look at it

Level 1

,how could such a big company make such a garbage game for 360,i own all the black 1, 2, ghost and now 3,worst game ever,so dissapointed,you have people on 360 and xbox one,it not right what you did,cause some people still prefert there 360 i'm one of them,i'm sorry but to my point of view you were one of the best company well not anymore not with this garbage you made for xbox 360,and i'm gon a make sure every body knows what garbage this is and not to buy it.

Level 1

por favor se alguem puder me ajuda eu comprei a ediçao digital de luxo do bo3 na pre venda porem eu instalei a nuketown e o the giant e eles não funcionam ps: eu ja tentei desinstalar e instalar

Level 1

Black Ops 3 multiplayer is absolutely horrible. I played and enjoyed playing all the call of duty games untill black ops 3.

Sorry guys but you blew it. The game SUCKS!

Level 1

guys i have problem  when i want ply multi gives me eror Error Code: A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.-.J.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. +1 some one can help me?

Level 1

jai acheté au ebgame call of duty black ops 3 en français mes il est en anglais que faire la boite en francais mes le jeux anglais

Ohhhh man! I expected it to be much better for PS3. But they didn't even add everything for multiplayer, they just added everything for ps4 and Xbox one!-_-

I wish they make it a lot better for the old gen. There are a lot of people playing though.

Level 1

I just installed Black Ops 3 and did the update for it. When I select "play online" it says there is an error and the current profile is allowed to play on Xbox live. All my other games let me play on Xbox live. Then I noticed the top left corner of my screen it says  "You are playing on a Local Area Network (LAN)." If I select the menu button then go to Options > Network it says "Not connected to the Call of Duty Servers". What is going on and how can I get on xbox live?

Level 1

BO3 is a TOTAL and EPIC FAIL... I bought it the day it came out, took about 20 min. to DL it, then another 45 min. for the update, then it finally let me into the game, it would put me into a lobby, but no maps would show up... there is fail 1. Now the game is working, but there is so much LAG it's not even worth playing... fail 2. Oh and you can't seem to get the mics to work.... fail 3.

What a waist of money!!! I thought Ghost was the worst.... but BO3 is quickly moving right up there with it.

I really hope Activision isn't involved with S.W. Battlefront.

I don't understand why they can't just put solo campaign on older gen consoles that just makes the game boring and Nuketown is a simple map i don't get why they couldn't add that too. Dead Ops and The giant should be playable in my opinion because in Black Ops II there are more than 4 zombie maps so I Don't understand the fact that it's not compatible.With all of the 7 zombie maps there still is a campaign included. Co-Op Campaign is cool and all but in all the years on Call of Duty we have lived without it so adding solo campaign would be the least that you could do. The paint-shop could be added but it is also not needed it's just a want.

Just wondering why, with all the money you guys make, u can't afford dedicated servers? This needs to change. The little baby servers you use just to sign onto don't even work right. Also why can't I get the camo for my gun that requires you to use NO ATTATCHMENTS, I have got almost 100 kills with no ATTATCHMENTS and it still says 0 of 50

Level 1


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