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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Over 16 Billion Boost Jumps Made

See the incredible feats the Call of Duty community has accomplished in our latest infographic.

By Scott Lowe on November 24, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Over 5 million hours watched. 16.1 billion boost jumps made. 285 million loot items received. The community has been keeping busy since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare made its debut earlier this month. To highlight players' combined accomplishments and milestones, Sledgehammer Games and Activision have rounded up some stats about the first few weeks of Advanced Warfare and put them in some pretty incredible context. Take, for instance, that in its first two weeks, Advanced Warfare players boost jumped a total distance equivalent to 230 trips to the Moon and back. Or, perhaps, that to-date, Call of Duty players have earned 1.0 quadrillion XP. See these stats and more in our newest infographic by clicking here.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare_Review_Instinct.jpg

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1 Comment

This game is just like every other COD that has come out, all hype and mostly BS. Great graphics and options to get the gamers hyped up but still the same lag issues, ping, hackers, glitchers, server issues and other BS that PSN and activision can't seem to control. Matchmaking??? What a joke! Freezing up, getting kicked, connectivity issues with squadding up, etc. How about we fix the biggest issues within these games first before they are released instead of ignorance and moving onto the next garbage game. How about upgrading your outdated servers to handle the flow of a massive data absorbing game so people can enjoy a smooth game flow? Mostly everybody knows what I am talking about. I'm done, A Complete inconvenience. Have yet to see a COD that isn't garbage on multiplayer. Anybody looking to buy COD 4 - present, prestiege editions, I have them all and looking to get rid of them, its trash to me, maybe another's treasure. Meanwhile Ill be educating the masses on the problems many are tolerating and hopefully I'll save 100,000's - million from buying into this crap. Your Welcome! :-)

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