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Attend the Call of Duty Championship, Tickets On Sale February 17

For the first time ever, fans can catch all of the action live and in-person.

By Scott Lowe on February 10, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

This March, the top competitive Call of Duty teams from around the world will compete in the 2015 Call of Duty Championship, Presented by Xbox. With a $1 million prize pool on the line and fast, frenetic action driven by Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Exoskeleton and near-future arsenal, it’s certain to be one of the most exhilarating competitive events in franchise history. As always, the championship will be streaming live on, Xbox Live, and other services, but this year for the first time ever, fans will also have a chance to watch live in-person in Los Angeles.

At 10:00am PST on February 17, a limited number of tickets (must be 18 years of age and up) will be available for purchase through There’ll be two three-day packages to choose from, which include three-day access to the event, in-game content, and exclusive gear.

The Gold Package will be priced at $50 and includes general admission seating, Call of Duty Championship 2015 merch, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Ascendance DLC pack, and the Call of Duty Championship 2015 premium personalization pack for your in-game operator. The personalization pack contains three new reticles, a golden weapon camo, a calling card, a Call of Duty Championship exoskeleton and helmet, and more. The Platinum Package, priced at $100, includes all of the content and gear offered in the Gold Package, while offering access to VIP seating at the event, as well as an exclusive Call of Duty Championship 2015 hoodie.

Can’t attend but still want to deck out your in-game operator with the Call of Duty 2015 Championship premium personalization pack? Grab it now on Xbox Live.


The Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox takes place on March 27 through March 29 in Los Angeles. For more information on competition, including the latest team standings, check out


Level 8

WOW! Didn't know Activision had a blog on their games!

My first time here but I'll come back for sure! Website already favorited!

Level 11

Thanks for the kind words! We launched in October and have some great coverage planned. Please let us know what you'd like to see more of by sounding off in the comments.

Level 1

Can i take my lil brothers whos under 18 to the event if im whos 18 goes along with him to cod champs? Or does he have to be 18 as well?

Level 8

Yeah I just read your first article the one you made as an introduction to the blog!

So in terms of what I'd like to see in the future well here it is:

- Call of Duty news and info (marketing/promo stuff)

- With HQ images please!

The reason why I ask for marketing/promo stuff with HQ images is mainly because like many others, I own a website/blog through which I spread Call of Duty news everyday and it's hard sometimes to cover news about the game without the proper medias such as good images, posters, banners...

I know it all comes down to Activision marketing rules and politics but it would be very nice of you guys if you could share large HQ images about all aspects of the game such as:

- DLC packs

- Personnalisation packs

- Emblems (Prestiges, Ranked Play ranks...)

- Weapons, gadgets and accessories

- Gear (helmets, loadouts, Clan Wars unlocks...)

I know I'm asking a lot here but I'm not the only one who would love to see that!

No matter what, thanks a lot for replying that quick and good job with the blog!

Fred alias MazeMatik

Level 8

Maybe an under 18 yrs old can attend the event if accompanied with an adult. I'd like to know that too actually... I'm curious.

And by the way it's very nice of you to go with your little brother! Something you guys will never forget!

Level 11

Thanks for covering the game. I strive to post high-quality images—click any embedded image you see to get the fullsized version—but you can always check our press site to find other high-quality assets: Activision Press Center

Level 11

I've seen this question from a number of others and have asked for clarity. Stay tuned!

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