Weapon Focus: PTRS-41

By Bl2 on October 19, 2011
Level 3

Designed in 1938 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, the PTRS-41 is a semi-automatic anti-tank rifle that was used along the Eastern Front in World War II and then used again in the Korean War and Chinese Civil War by various factions. Along with his partner Vaily Degtyaryov, Simonov helped the Soviet Union develop new weapons between World Wars. During this time, Vaily Degtyaryov would go on to create the PTRD-41 while Sergei Simonov would create and design its cousin rifle, the PTRS-41. As one of Sergei Simonov's greatest creations, the PTRS-41 would sometimes be known as simply the “Simonov” on the battlefield.


The PTRS-41 performed exceptionally well against early German tanks and was mass-produced for the Red Army in 1941. However, due to the rifle's expensive nature and the scarcity of its ammo, it was rare to see many PTRS-41s on the battlefield. To make matters worse, once the Germans began to upgrade their tanks and armor plate their vehicles, the PTRS-41 became inefficient on the battlefield and was seldom used in the later stages of the war. However, the gun did prove to be useful outside of anti-tank warfare and was sometimes used to destroy mortars and machine gun emplacements.

The PTRS-41 utilizes a five round magazine that is loaded into the receiver and held by a swing magazine. Inside the magazine, there are five 14.5x144mm armor-piercing rounds, capable of inflicting massive damage. The PTRS-41 is a gas-operated rifle that has been known to jam, but its muzzle velocity of 1012 m/s and maximum range of 800m maintain the weapon's standing as a strong asset on the battlefield. In the right hands, the PTRS-41 is able to rip through an armor plate of up to 40 mm thick at a distance of 100 meters.

Tips for the PTRS-41

  • Before you head onto the battlefield, make sure you've equipped the Stopping Power perk. With Stopping Power, the PTRS-41 generally produces one-shot kills if you can connect with the torso or head.
  • The PTRS-41's gun shots can be heard from across even the biggest battlefields, so it is important to keep moving unless you want your location to be known to the world.
  • Just because the PTRS-41 is a semi-automatic rifle, don't start thinking that you are going to win many close quarter battles. Be aware of your location and try to make sure that the enemy isn't able to sneak up on you, because if they do, the odds are usually going to be in their favor.

Now that you know the history of the PTRS-41 and have some tips to try out, it's time to find a dark corner and start sniping. Whether you are picking it up for the first time or are just looking practice your shot, head on over to the Missions tab and enlist for the PTRS-41 challenge.