Multiplayer Matters

By ZenTech on October 23, 2011
Level 1

First and foremost, if you haven't already, please invite a friend!

We've rolled out this new feature that allows you to invite friends. It records all of the e-mails you've invited and when your friends sign-up, you'll get credit as the referrer. Now I don't want to start a rumor, but one could imagine the possible ways for us to reward active referrers in the future... =)

Speaking of developments, we’ve got CoD:WW swag coming down the pipeline very soon. To all the community VIPs out there, we'll have specific swag that'll only be available to you!

Last but certainly not least, we're looking to you to help make CoD:WW the best experience possible. Judging by an earlier poll, 86% of you all play CoD multiplayer (73% play more multiplayer than single player!), so we're putting out the below poll to help us understand what features from previous CoD games matter to you most. Visit the homepage to cast your vote now! The list doesn't include all of the elements in previous CoD MP releases; this is just a starting point. We’ll be looking to you, our community, for more in-depth feedback soon.

Be sure to hit up the forums with anything else you love (or hate) about Call of Duty!

Which previous CoD multiplayer feature would you like to see improved for CoD: WW?

  • Option 1: Kill Streak Bonuses
  • Option 2: PERKS
  • Option 3: Attachments
  • Option 4: Challenges
  • Option 5: Ranking System