Inside the War Room: Revolution

By Bl2 on October 19, 2011
Level 3

CODWW_MP3_Revolution_Map (1).jpg

This is it soldiers!

This is the final front of our latest offensive and it happens to be the biggest logistical challenge yet. Revolution is deep within Soviet territory and is a multi-tiered death trap for both sides. Revolution used to be a vodka distillery back in the day, but the only thing it's brewing now a days is large doses of chaos and confusion. I've heard too many horror stories of soldiers running blindly through the outdoor paths only to become receptacles for sniper fire or tales of troops unknowingly playing hop scotch on Bouncing Betties. This is unacceptable, we must fight smarter. Revolution does not favor the bold; it favors the patient strategist. Back at HQ we've gone over all the collected intel and we think we've found the right tactics to keep your troops safe and your kills high. Whether you are a silent sniper or a sneaking SMG gunner, we've got you covered.


Let us start things off by talking to the wild, running and gunning, SMG wielding soldier. Your kill count is at a decent high and you live your short life happily sprinting in and out of every building till you find your target. We want to tell you that there is a better way and Revolution is the perfect place for you to reconsider your combat choices. Revolution is too massive of a map to run around carelessly, so don't do it. Break up the map in to many small sections, about 10 in total, and it suddenly becomes more manageable to tackle the enemy. If you find a section of the map that is home to heavy traffic, find a corner and wait for the enemy to enter the building or hallway. If you can get at least a one second jump on the enemy, then your SMG should be able to take care of the rest. Your kills will still be high and your chances of survival will greatly increase. If you are into booby trapping your surroundings than setting up Bouncing Betties at the entrances is a great way to get an extra kill or at least provide a signal to when the enemy is coming.

For those soldiers that like to wield an MG and take down multiple enemies at a distance, then Revolution has a special place for you to settle your heavy load. Head to the second story of any building that lines the perimeter and find some crates to hide behind that give you the perfect vantage point of a long hallway or rooftop. If you focus on the hallways you should be able to find side cover from sniper fire, where as if you were to look towards the center of the map, snipers would surely spot your muzzle flash and take you out. If you can manage to get settled and keep the long hallways clear then not only will you get the kills, but you will also be a huge asset to your team by controlling enemy traffic.

revolution1_screenshot_600 (1).jpg

Lastly, we have some tips for the patient sniper. Revolution is your playground to set up shop and get revenge on all those SMG gunners that have given you hell. Nothing should stop you from picking off enemies in the distance. Head to the second story of any of the perimeter buildings and find a comfortable spot with decent cover to start sniping. Look for muzzle flashes across the map to spot your victims and then take a deep breath and pull the trigger. One of the best sniper perches in the map is located on the second story of a building in the northeast section. This building is filled with forgotten mannequins that create the ideal cover for snipers. Set up some Bouncing Betties behind you, to keep your backside safe, and let the killing commence. If things ever get hectic upstairs, make a quick getaway downstairs and start sniping on the ground level. As a sniper, you should always have an escape plan ready at all times.


There you have it. The final battlefield of our latest offensive push. Choose your loadout wisely and defeat the enemy by fighting smarting than them. If you stick to the plan and stay close to your allies, then there is no way we can lose this battle. Sound off in the comments with any tips of your own or attack strategies that have worked particularly well. Good luck soldiers.