Inside the War Room: Battery

By Bl2 on October 19, 2011
Level 3

CODWW_MP3_Battery_Map (1).jpg

Listen up soldiers.

This new offensive attack has spread our troops thin across all fronts. We need to make the best of our intel in order to strike fast and strike hard. Without the proper assault plan, the enemy is going to come down on us like a steel monsoon. Luckily, our PBY Catalinas have being collecting overhead intel about the battlefields ahead and our generals back at base have come up with some excellent strategies that will lead us to victory. Battery is the first fortification we must conquer, and it won't be easy. Battery is a well-armored island surrounded by anti-ship mines and shore to ship cannons. Our boys will get you to the island no problem, but from there you must fight your way to the top. Battery is split into three sections consisting of a north side, south side, and a center stronghold. Before going into battle you'll need to study these strategies to make sure you're ready to face the enemy on their own turf.


North Side

If you find yourself stationed on the north side of the map, then you my friend have an uphill battle before you. There are, however, enough nooks and crannies here to give you the upper hand if you are patient enough to let the enemy come to you. Plant Satchel Charges and Bouncing Betties near the entrances bordering the central stronghold and then sit back in one of the many near-by fortifications. Enemy soldiers will eventually come to your location and when they do, you should be ready to pick them off. The limited pathways leading to the north side make it a tough place to escape, but an easy place to defend. Use this to your advantage and only leave the area if you are outnumbered or have to reach an objective.

If you are stuck in the north side and need a quick escape route, there are a couple options you could take depending on what your goals are. If you're looking to get to the action as quickly as possible, head up the center of the map and climb to the blasted windows of the mess hall. Look through the windows and check for any hostiles, then jump over the wall and be ready for action. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more stealthy approach, head up the right side (right side, if you are looking south) of the map and take either the lower, underground pathway or cross over the catwalks of the offshore towers. Both of these alternative pathways carry light traffic, but are home to quick skirmishes between two or three soldiers, so be prepared.

Center Stronghold

The center stronghold is where a lot of the action takes place on Battery. Players are usually only passing through to get to their destination, but since practically everyone is heading through these quarters, this area of the map features some intense firefights. If you aren't looking for an old fashioned wild-west shootout to partake in, then I would suggest avoiding the mess hall. However, if you are more of a run and gun type of player, then by all means, enter this area with your pistols drawn. Keep your back to the walls and move slowly so you can spot others before they spot you. Fire on the enemy and then keep on moving; you never want to stay in one spot for too long.

If you happened to be a seasoned war vet and are capable of packing the Flamethrower, now would be the time for show and tell. Use the tight corners and narrow hallways to your advantage and set ablaze any enemy troops that blindly come around the corners. For soldiers looking to simply bypass the action--if that's even possible--and get to the south or north side, there are pathways to the left and right of the mess hall. These narrow paths do have their own share of traffic, but the encounters here are usually played out quickly and the winner is able to make it to their destination in no time. Be prepared for short-range, rapid-fire battles and you should be able to pass through the center stronghold without too much trouble.


South Side

The south side of the map holds most of the fort's supplies and as such it is well defended and elevated above the rest of the map. Luckily, the destruction that has already torn apart the fort makes reaching the south side much easier than when the fort was intact. If you are looking to attack the south side, go in groups and assault the south side together. Soldiers who attack the south side alone will likely be nothing more than fodder for camping enemies' rifles. Throw Smoke Grenades, Tabun Gas, and Signal Flares to disorient the enemy and then storm the area with guns blazing. It’s not the most tactful, but teamwork is often rare and the enemy might not know what to do. If, on the other hand, you find yourself defending the south side, you should try to use elevation to your advantage. The towers may be in disrepair, but you can still climb onto their walkways to fire down upon the enemy. Jump from platform to platform to keep the enemy guessing, and don't forget to use your secondaries to keep them on their toes. With a couple soldiers perched up above and maybe one down below, your squad can easily defend the south side for the long haul.


We hope you soldiers in the field can use some of these tips, but we know there are still more strategies to be discovered. Sound off in the comments and supply some strategies of your own or share some of your favorite loadouts to use in Battery.