Boot Camp for Mobile Zombie Hunting

By Bl2 on October 19, 2011
Level 3

The battle against the zombie blight has just gone portable. That's why we're here to educate you recruits on how to tackle the living dead on a whole new platform. Revisiting Nacht der Untoten on the iPhone should feel familiar, but we want make sure you recruits can be the best you can be with a couple of tips and pointers.

Controls are the first aspect of the battle that every soldier will have to readjust to. Luckily, there are three distinct control styles to fight every type of recruit. Touch Screen allows the player to use the right side of the screen to aim and offers the greatest degree of precision. Next is the Dual Stick layout that places two virtual analog sticks at the bottom of the screen and creates a nice balance between precision and speed. Lastly, the Tilt control scheme offers incredible speed and maneuverability for slaying zombies. Make sure to try out all the controls to see which style fits you best. You may find that Touch Screen works well in the earlier stages, where as Tilt control is better in the more hectic, later rounds.

After finding the control scheme that suits you, it's time to starting gibbing some zombies and collecting Achievements. You'll find the classic Call of Duty gameplay to be largely unchanged from its console brethren. You can shoot from the hip, but we of course recommend looking down the sight for maximum accuracy. A slight auto-aim has been added to the game to assist you, but over relying on it can have deadly consequences. The auto-aim is best used as a primer, which then allows you to quickly look down the sight and land a headshot.

Speaking of headshots, we have a couple pointers for those looking to get their first Achievements. Right at the start of a match, pick up the Kar98k next to the metal bars. The Kar98K offers accuracy and high firepower at the cost of a slow fire rate, but for these early rounds, that shouldn't be a problem as we attempt to pick up the Severanceand Eagle Eye Achievements. After picking up the Kar98K, head to the far west side of the house and look out the window in the southwestern corner. Aim down the sight and start firing at the zombies as soon as they appear; with a little luck, you should be able to nab the Eagle Eye Achievement. After sniping through the southwestern window, other zombies should be approaching the house near where you picked up the Kar98K. If you spot a zombie near the window, keep on repairing it to keep him at bay and wait for another zombie to queue up behind him. Once two zombies are camped outside a window, let them in and back up to a safe distance. Orientate yourself so that the zombies are walking straight towards you in a single file line. Look down the sights and aim for their heads. If you've timed it right, one bullet should take the weight off of both of their shoulders.

Land both of these Achievements and you'll be well on your way towards mastering Nacht Der Untoten on the go. Keep an eye on the Intel section for more blog post, as we'll be sure to be coming back at you troops with more tips and tricks for Achievements and Co-Op within the new Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies app. Good luck soldiers!