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Re: Should I come from bf3

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Re: Should I come from bf3

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Seriously, I got a new and better internet connection rcently and it has taken all of the fun out of the game. I just don't even want to play anymore hardly. It has helped my playing with Poison_Pawn on their dedicated server however.

   And I swear IW is sponsoring hackers. How elese do you explain sending them video and them doing nothing about it... and it's not debatable video evidence either. I don't normally associate with people or companines with such questionable character. I honestly respect the hackers more than IW and HackDivision now.

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Re: Should I come from bf3

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normally I would say don't waist your money: /sarcasm on

But reading your OP I'd say you have just the mind set to enjoy this game.

One of the things I find frustrating about it, is the lack of team work; since you're obviously one of those that thinks this is a mindless shooter, you should feel right at home being thrown in to a lobby full of random's that are all out for them selves, and only care about their own personal stats; and couldn't care less about completing the objective as a team.

And don't let the hackers bother you, they're just like the bot's in SP (which I never Play) they already know you're coming, and auto aim when they see you. so you should feel like your playing SP on the hardest level. wow how exiting is that /sarcasm off

oh did I mention dev support? probably not, since there isn't any.

If you can get on line (and there many scenarios, some un answerable; that can prevent this) then you might have fun for a while.

If you care about personal stats, and ranks you will have to play in Lagnet (P2P) to attain any of that. (and there is no Elite for PC, if that matters to you)

you can play in unranked dedicated servers (which Activision would rather you didn't know about) Take a look here

There really is no OFFICIAL documentation to be found ANYWHERE

But the unranked servers are hard to fill, people seem so concerned with personal stats, that they would rather suffer P2P (go figure)

there are no official RANKED dedi's which though I couldn't care less; they never should have promised to the masses (just another example of Activision's dishonest, business ethic)

Pro's: you don't need X amount of players to start a game on dedicated servers.

You never spawn in BF Egypt.

There are no vehicle whores (there are no vehicles)

Weapons, and kill streaks are pretty well balance (with a few exceptions) so that if anyone had a mind to work as a squad, you could.

Con's just look around these forums.

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