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Do any other FFA players out there like the idea of a barbones FFA? I'm getting sick of people getting lucky care packages and using support streaks like stealth bombers. For me, FFA should be a test of your abilities as a player with just your weapons and equipment at hand. Sure I can put Pred>AGM>AC-130 on and go 30-4 but it's not fun and no challange. I've been in lobbies with players who get battered every game, and then get a lucky AC-130 or Pave Low and do much better or win. Yes I know I can put blind eye on, but on a small map with hectic spawns that's not gonna help much. Also, it's almost impossible to shoot this stuff down because everyone is gunning for each other. There's one guy I keep bumping into who calls in eith an escort airdrop or recon jugg every single game and tries to win with the jugg knowing his enemies aren't going to be able to co-ordinate to take him down. Some may call it strategic gameplay, I call it a pain in the arse that gets very boring very quickly. I've taken to making sure I have an Akimbo FMG class to take him out on now. I know this game has come to the end of it's life now, but people will carry on playing it and there must be other people who like the idea of this?

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As a Barebones player I'd be interested in a FFA version (I prefer the Black Ops versiosn though).  Just it would be nice if each game within Barebones were split up.

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