I Got Banned after playing one game.

Call of Duty Mobile Support


Hi CODM Support,


I would like to request some help in my account. I suddenly got banned after a game which is non ranked full frontal game mode. First it was just for 10mins, then after that i played another game and got banned again, but this time for an hour. I played once again and it was fine till i suddenly got banned again for a week this time.


I am not quite sure why i got banned, i played on either of my iphone X and Oneplus 6 devices. 


Also, when my friends informed me that i am still online even though i am banned and have already logged out.


Hoping to get this fixed or atleast inform me why this happens, since im willing to wait for a week, however, im might get banned again by reasons im not aware of.


Thank you and best regards,


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