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I'm impressed with the gyroscope update. You guys actually made it worse. This is by far the worst version of gyroscope I have ever experienced. The camera locks in the middle, like wtf? You guys said that you fixed the "gittering" issue in the patch notes, well let me tell you something, you didn't, you actually made gyroscope unplayable. This is what happens when you let someone who doesn't understand and doesn't know how to use gyroscope "fix" the issues it has. I swear, if you don't hire someone who knows how to actually use gyroscope, you won't get anywhere. People are gonna keep complaining of how trash this feauture is, you should seriously consider asking PUBG mobile devs for help.


"You can't fix what you don't understand."

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I agree with you the gyroscope is worst than before and they should fix that issue as fast as possible
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Yeah, the game is completely unplayable until they fix this which sucks because I was enjoying the BR mode and played quite a bit.
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Stop complaining i play this game all the time it doesnt effect how I play because im good unlinke you ***** nose *****s who just whine and complain about bull*****

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