Can't connect to call of duty mobile in Canada

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I just got back from the Philippines after 7 months, back home i can connect to call of duty mobile no problem. But when i got back in Canada it says that I can't connect because call of duty mobile isn't available in Canada yet. I was wondering if Call of Duty mobile is available here in Canada and if not when is the release date here? I'm using my Garena account for logging into the game btw.

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it's already launched world wide, try to uninstall the application/reinstall or upgrade it .. but i would advise you to not  do it you`ll get banned asap because  they want ..specially after you purchase season pass and then will tell you  they can't unban you because  they use a third party compani and all kind of lies .. but hey try it dont spend money on it and don't use your FB account to login play as guest, their GDPR reuqests takes days/week to retrieve and delete stored data about you .. i am still waiting ... them

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