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Point 1: Occurred four times, when i was playing the battle royale, simply the game closed without justification of the device, i say app error, because if it was device error, would say that a problem occurred and the application needed to close. Of the four times i got back in just three, two times I got to play, once my character died in the blue zone. I don't accuse my device, because I was able to play normally since the game became available for download and only now started to give this problem. Point 2: When playing sequences of matches the battle royale, the next game you play, the loot items simply do not appear, requiring the player to move close to the item to be visible on the screen. When defeating another player, the loot box of the defeated player does not appear. Just when the opponent dies, his animation dies and nothing else happens. As if the player was never there. I play with the Motorola Moto G7 play. My level is above 70 and my battle royale rank is currently PRO V.


Thanks for your attention.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, i'm not a native speaker...


PS: My sugestion for support with gamepad is the same gameplay of a FPS mobile game called Modern Combate 5, with the controllers of cod mobileScreenshot_20191018-191259.pngSequences of matches in BR


Screenshot_20191018-191307.pngSequences of matches in BR


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