The new Sniper Only Game mode classes

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The new game modes such as Free For All and Sniper Only were the best things that ever happened to me. Matter of fact I wanted to state that Free For All game mode should have been in the standard game modes list, instead of it being featured.


Lets get on topic and speak about Sniper Only game mode. It's really lovely to have this game mode featured but there is one flaw which are the awful default preset classes. Snipers should have had their original scopes on instead of having a "Tactical scope-SR"  attached to them. Im not sure why it is implemented like this. Most people know the Tactical scope is for short range purposes and some of us do not prefer playing with it on a sniper rifle.


I would like to suggest to have an overhaul on the sniper classes, such as the ability to change around attachments to your personal preference. If this takes too much dev time it would otherwise be best to remove the Tactical scope-SR from those preset classes.


Thank you in advance, lets hope there will be a change asap!


Kind regards,


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