Did the 1.0.8 version of COD Mobile just Kill Crossplay between Android and iOS?

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I recently updated COD mobile on my iPhone 11 pro max & attempted to invite two of my friends to play on the new map. 
My current iOS version is 13.1.3 at the time of this post. The first one I invited has an iPhone with the same iOS version as me. All was well & my friend joined my lobby. But as I attempted to invite my other friend with an android version 9, I was met with the error message, "Version Too New" followed by error code 74032. When my android friend invited me, an error code of 74031 with the message "Version Too Old". I suspect that either the iOS update is taking a while longer to distribute correctly, or the iOS update has an unchecked bug that literally killed crossplay between Android and iOS. All of us have the version 1.0.8 of COD Mobile. I appreciate you having this platform for the player base to notify these types of errors and hope this issue gets resolved soon. 
Yours truly, Jonathan.

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I have an iphone 6 and the microphone icon does not appear, I cannot use it in game
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