Looking for a clan to join!

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Looking for a clan to join!

I am looking for a clan to join. I am not an excellent player but I do pretty well. I am a womanSmiley Happy Please message me on Ps3-DDawg917. Thanks!

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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iLLimus Maximus
[iLLn] is Recruiting.

We are Level 8.  Active clan with 9 members.  Currently secure ALL nodes in our Clan War.  We have won EVERY clan war participated in.

Message me at Zuclear_Warhead on PS4 for an invite.

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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ps3 clan, name: xP4Life. Leader: YourFeats. Level 12 silver clan wars about to be gold. Join now

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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you can add me mikeraff41. clan level 14 K/D1.22 win%67. clan website http://wgidgaming.enjin.com/

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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Check out Lunatik eSports at this link to our ad on here:


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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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Nightmare Saints are open for recruiting. We are lvl 20 with about 20 members . We are a platinum winning clan one more and we move to diamond. For more info invite psn KiLLn-Sh_T or apply on app. Thank you

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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Hello Fellow Gamer(s),

This is a message to invite to you to DefCon Gaming, Recently re-established we offer not only a high level aspect of social gaming but also the avenues to explore competitive gaming, we have a strong and structured system in place we may seem different to that of other clans and communities. Throughout the week we host numerous game nights and tournaments such as COD Gamenights ( MW3, BO2 and Ghosts) and GTA V gamenights of which we have a large number of players who play GTA V numerous times a week. We also have a large array of members who play Minecraft and sports series such as NHL, NBA and Fifa. When Titanfall Launches for the Xbox 360 we are looking to add and master the influence that Titanfall could potentially have on the current online communities.

Which have recently gained sponsorship with a brand new Competitive unit of CGN, so if you are into your competitive gaming then speak to Mikestrike03, alternately if you are reading this and already have a competitive team then speak to Mikestrike03.

Specialized - Games (On Xbox, Playstation and PC)

1. Call Of Duty

2. Battlefield

3. GTA

4. EA Sports

5. Minecraft

6. Titanfall

This is not only a great community to join but also a great time to join, as we have future leadership spots opening soon in order to meet the demands of future games whether that will be on the Xbox, Playstation or PC.

We also aim to improve your gaming enjoyment online, i can speak for myself in that i prefer to play as part of a team in public lobbies rather then playing solo and due to this social aspect rather than competitive aspect we are looking for people from all over the globe and we do not accept players depending on their level of gaming. If you are interested in joining then feel free to visit the site here: http://defcon-gaming.com/forum.php If you then wish to join DC then apply to join, to do this simply click on the Join DC button at the top right hand side of the forum.

We also use skype to chat within the community and if you have any questions regarding the community then contact myself: Mikestrike03 and i'll answer a much as i possibly can. I hope to see some of you soon in game nights or competitions and feel free to say hello when you do sign up and i'll do my best to get you started within DefCon Gaming.

Quick Point-List (What We Offer)

1. Game Nights (Multiple Games)

2. Social and Competitive aspects

3. Highly Experienced leaders online and offline

4. Training in Graphics, Competitive and more!

5. Media

6. Events

7. Chilled Environment

8. Gamer's from all over the globe

9. Competitions

10. Too much to list!

How To Join:

1. Visit DefCon Gaming Here: http://defcon-gaming.com/home/

2. Sign up by starting an application by pressing the "Join DC" button at the top right of the forum.

3. Use this code in the Referral part of the application: http://defcon-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=3446

4. Get into contact with Mikestrike03 through Skype, or through the messaging system on the DC Forum.

Thanks for reading!

Mikestrike03 ~ DC Gaming.

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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We'd be interested in having you trial with us to see if it's a fit for one another. We have a few awesome lady gamer's to play w/ ya as well!



NVZN Greatness is a PS3 clan at max level w/ RED clan tag. Close to 20 members from across USA (actively seeking more from West Coast time zone in ADDITION to some SOLID FEMALE gamers to join a couple we currently have). We're not looking to be a large clan. Each member is a strong, committed & quality teammate!

***OUR DIAMOND CLAN WARS are always FRIDAY-SUNDAY 7:00-11:00pm Eastern Time.*** NVZN clan requires the following...

  • ACTIVE player who plays daily for a few hours each day AT MINIMUM.
  • MUST COMMIT to be active during Clan Wars 48 hours prior to start (otherwise will be temporarily REMOVED from clan roster for duration of the Clan War).
  • MUST HAVE HEADSET/MIC. You're NOT a serious player if you don't have this.
  • MUST have each DLC and/or Season Pass.
  • We have a Facebook clan page. We encourage clan members to join it for news & updates.
  • Communicate w/ clan. We text & or utilize KIK app to message when & what schedules will be for upcoming Clan Wars or when we'll be online to play! Have a method of quick contact!
  • Solid player in both KD, Objective play style (when needed) & diverse gamer who enjoys most/all game modes!
  • WE PREFER players be from USA or Canada (for sake of time zones). NORTH AMERICA continent ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Must be 16 years old at minimum. We have fun but we're a mature gaming group.
  • Be respectful of one another & their play style, we're a diverse group of ethnicity, gender & personalities!

If interested & you FULFILL ALL criteria, NO EXCEPTIONS message me on this thread OR...

Message & Friend @ PSN ID: Anon_O_P_S

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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Destroyer company is looking for new recruits, fun and friendly. We are kinda like a big family. It is ran by me lady__destroyer which i'm a female also. feel free to send me a friend request lady_ _destroyer

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Re: Looking for a clan to join!

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hey! I am a girl too lol, me and my friend just made this clan called GET IN THE VAN (its a joke) but we are looking for new members if you want to join

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