New "Reinforce" Game Mode Now Available in Call of Duty®: Ghosts

By GhostsNews on May 13, 2014
Level 29

There's a new way to experience Multiplayer, as the "Reinforce" game mode is now available in Private Match play! Simply head over to Private Match and select it from the Alternate Modes to start a match. Reinforce can be played with both players/bots on any of the Multiplayer maps.

Reinforce is a round-based game mode that takes elements from Domination and Search and Rescue. There are three objective markers for teams to capture and respawns are disabled. If a team captures a point, they are "reinforced" and all dead teammates are allowed back into the round. There are multiple ways to win a round: Wipe out the entire enemy team, control two objective points when the time limit runs out, or capture all three flags for an instant victory. The first team to win four rounds wins the match.

As with all other game modes in Private Match, Reinforce can also be played under custom rules, so feel free to try out different score and time limits.

We hope you have fun with this latest addition to Multiplayer. We're always open to your feedback, so try out Reinforce and let us know what you think about the new game mode!

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