Day 2 E3 Recap

By GhostsNews on June 13, 2013
Level 29

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Another day at E3 has passed, as attendees packed in for another opportunity to experience Call of Duty: Ghosts. In case you missed any of today's coverage, here is a recap:

As seen in a spirited high five Vine video, attendees were lining up all day to get into the Call of Duty: Ghosts theater. Check out an interview we conducted with a fan right after he attended the gameplay demo.

The Infinity Ward team stopped by at E3 to check out the Activision booth and the showfloor. See the photo gallery of the developers as they took in the Call of Duty: Ghosts live video experience.

Call of Duty fans have been sharing some amazing feedback about E3 in the past two days. Check out some of the fan reactions that have been posted on Twitter so far.

See all of the action from today on our E3 2013 Day 2 Facebook photo album.

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