Call of Duty®: Ghosts Gold Knife and Gold PDW Now Available For Use!

By GhostsNews on June 6, 2014
Level 29


Make room in your gold weapons collection, because the Gold Knife and Gold PDW are now available to use in your loadouts! But this is no ordinary cosmetic upgrade; both weapons gain unique combat bonuses when used in their Gold form.

The Gold Knife has a different animation than it's non-gold knife counterpart. You swipe at the enemy, which makes for a faster recovery. To unlock the Gold Knife, you need to be at least Prestige 5 or higher.

The Gold PDW features fully automatic fire. To unlock the Gold PDW, you need to be Prestige 10.


For those at a high enough Prestige, make sure to try these weapons out in your loadouts to add a little style and skill to your Multiplayer game!

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