Call of Duty® Clan Wars – Oahu

By GhostsNews on December 4, 2013
Level 29

The second Clan War for Call of Duty®: Ghosts is here, taking us far west of Los Angeles to Oahu, Hawaii, located deep in the North Pacific Ocean. This Clan War takes place from Wednesday, December 4th at 12PM PST through Monday, December 9th at 12PM PST.


Along with the new location comes the opportunity to unlock more content via Clan War Achievements. Oahu itself brings the possibility of two more pieces of content, both for its specific location and as the second Clan War for Clans of Gold Division or higher that placed 1st in Los Angeles:


Pirate Booty, unlocked via the Sea Legs Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Oahu Clan War


Body Count Reaper, unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement

Win 2 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher

In addition, we also have more patches, a reticle and camo that Clans can unlock via any Clan War, including this one:


Triad, unlocked via the Taste of Victory Achievement

Win a Clan War


Body Count, unlocked via the Make Your Mark Achievement

Win a Clan War in Gold Division or higher


Dusk ‘til Dawn, unlocked via the Platinum Division Achievement

Qualify for the Platinum Division in Clan Wars


Honorable Discount, unlocked via the End Game Achievement

Finish a Clan War holding 5 nodes


Undead Rising, unlocked via the Unwavering Achievement

Hold a node for 3 days


Fashionably Dead, unlocked via the Surveryor Achievement

Capture 5 nodes during a Clan War


Eye for an Eye, unlocked via the Committed Achievement

Hold 4 nodes simultaneously


Gnome Problem, unlocked via the Gold Division Achievement

Qualify for the Gold Division in Clan Wars

And that’s not all. Because Clan Wars is a constantly evolving experience, we’ve updated some of the mechanics that may affect your Clan’s strategies over the next 5 days.

1)    Clans will now gain additional points for holding a node they have captured. It’s up to you to determine whether it’s more beneficial to defend captured nodes or move on to the next. Or maybe it’s better to split up and work on both…

2)    Oahu offers its own set of game modes, along with some changes to the amount of CP awarded per node capture. It’s up to you to experiment and discover which nodes are prime targets for capture and defense.

3)    It’s still all about the wins! Teamwork is the most important strategy to success in Clan Wars. If you’re not winning your matches, you’re not contributing to victory.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the free Call of Duty® app so you can follow your Clan’s performance throughout the Oahu event, and please reach out to @InfinityWard or @Beachheadstudio with further questions and feedback.

Good luck and we’ll see you online!