Call of Duty® Clan Wars – Capturing, Defending, and Losing Nodes

By GhostsNews on November 27, 2013
Level 29

Clan Wars is underway and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and we’re excited to see just how involved Clans have been in only the first few days. We wanted to answer some outstanding questions by taking you through the process of capturing, defending and losing a single node on the Clan Wars map. Keep the feedback coming.

Clan Wars Node Mechanics

The primary objective of Clan Wars is to earn as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War. Capture Points are earned when your Clan captures any of the 10 nodes or locations on the Clan Wars map. Your Capture Points continue to add up as you capture more nodes and you will not lose them if you lose control of that node.  The winner at the end of the Clan War is the Clan with the most Capture Points.

Let’s look at a node that has not yet been captured.


This node is tied to the Kill Confirmed Playlist in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. Tap on it for more information, including the below.


In order to capture this node, your Clan must be the first to acquire 40 wins in Kill Confirmed. Wins are counted individually on a per-player basis. Also note that this is for playing Kill Confirmed in the Standard Playlist. You do not have to play in the Clan vs. Clan playlist for wins to count!

If you’re playing alone and win a Kill Confirmed match, it will count as one win for your Clan toward capture of that node. If you’re grouped up with five other Clan Members and win a Kill Confirmed match, your Clan will register six wins toward capture of that node. The more the merrier.

Your Clan captures the node.

Let’s assume that out of the eight Clans in your Clan War, your Clan is the first to acquire 40 wins in Kill Confirmed. There are a few things to consider at this point:

1)     All your Clan Members now benefit from a +25% Multiplayer XP boost when playing Kill Confirmed. Congratulations!

2)     Any other Clan’s previous capture progress will be frozen. If Clan JoeSchmoe currently has 12 Kill Confirmed wins at the time your Clan locked down the needed 40, JoeSchmoe will stay locked at 12 wins until your Clan loses that node and it becomes available to capture.

Defend or lose the node.

Now that your Clan owns the Kill Confirmed node on the Clan Wars map, the seven other Clans in your Clan War will be competing against your Clan to try and take it from you. For every per-player win they acquire, your hold on the node will erode.

For example, if their Clan Members attain 10 wins individually or together, your Clan win total is reduced to 30, down from 40, and so on all the way down to zero. Your Clan can fight back by continuing to get wins in Kill Confirmed, but it’s an uphill battle as all seven other Clans are fighting against you together until the node is freed. There is also a maximum number of wins that your Clan can attain for each node to ensure the battle for each node is competitive. Once you reach that point, your win total cannot go up even if you keep winning matches although your in-game XP bonuses will continue.

Losing the node.

Once your Clan win total drops to zero, you no longer hold control of the node and it’s up for grabs and all points are unfrozen. All Clans in your war are now focused on acquiring 40 Kill Confirmed wins before the others, starting from their previously locked scores.

Call of Duty Clan Wars was built in this way to ensure no one Clan can dominate every node and the associated XP boost for an extended period of time.

Effective Strategy

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the fight for control over each node. Will your Clan focus on taking one at a time, or spread out in attempt to capture multiple nodes? Will you defend every captured node to the last breath, or move right on to the next?  There are in-game bonuses for a variety of strategies.

It’s only the first week, so your Clan will have plenty of opportunities to refine the strategy that works best for you. In the meantime, be sure to download the free Call of Duty® app to follow your Clan’s progress.

Check the app’s News Feed for more information on Clan Wars Achievements, Divisions and answers to some basic questions. And of course, be sure to use the Clan Chat feature to communicate and dominate the leaderboard.

If you have further questions, reach out to @InfinityWard or @Beachheadstudio. Good luck and we’ll see you online!