Comp players. creating MLG GB team.

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im looking for 3-4 copetative/dedacatd players to play comp with on a regular basis. and as the team progreses and we grow in skill as a team not just as indaviduals, then i will be making a MLG GB team for us to compete in. Message me on PSN @ EyEdropBodies or reply to this. I will play with you a little before hand to asses your skill.  Thank You.

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yo me and my friend are looking to join a team as soon as possible message us on psn:TropicalKooAid- PSN:daddydaniel105 if your interested message us back asap thank you.
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Do you have kick or discord I would love to talk to you. I am the CEO of Ninja Death Squad Gaming and I am scouting the CoD community to look for a team that could represent my team

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