In-Depth Report on Strike Force Missions

By BlackOpsNews on June 6, 2012
Level 19

Call of Duty Black Ops II_Singapore Sparks.jpg

New to Call of Duty, Strike Force levels are non-linear, sandbox gameplay missions, where the outcomes shape the geo-political fiction of the game.

At the highest level, Strike Force missions introduce non-linearity to the campaign structure. These missions are “proxy wars” in the larger global conflict of 2025, that are presented at various points in the campaign. The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) will address you and give you a choice between missions. Once you make your selection, you’ll be inserted into the action.

When you play, you’ll either complete the mission successfully or – in a first for Call of Duty – you could fail. Either way, the game and story will continue on, but the outcome of that Strike Force mission will shape the story arc of the Cold War that surrounds you.

When playing a Strike Force level, players will be able to take control of the battle like never before: play in overwatch, set waypoints, issue commands to your squad and take control of various soldiers and drones – play with all the toys – whatever you want to do to complete the mission. If you wanted to, you could play it in a traditional Call of Duty style with weapon in hand. You can play Strike Force levels however you want.

In our Singapore Strike Force level, you’re a member of a squad whose objective is to disable a missile defense shield that is protecting a shipment that cannot be allowed to leave the Harbor. It’s your job to clear the way so that the rest of your team can take it out.

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