Earn Double XP All Weekend Long!

By BlackOpsNews on May 10, 2013
Level 19

2XP_BUG_VERT_FIN 510_513).jpg

To celebrate next week's PS3/PC release of the Uprising DLC Map Pack, we're turning on Double XP this weekend for all platforms! From Friday, May 10 (10am/PST) to Monday, May 13 (10am/PST), you will earn twice as much XP on all of your Multiplayer accomplishments. It's the perfect excuse to stay home this weekend, grab your favorite snack and drink, and get ever closer to becoming a Prestige Master.

The second DLC Map Pack available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Uprising includes four new Multiplayer maps (Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio, a reimagining of the classic map Firing Range), as well as the frightening new Zombies adventure, "Mob of the Dead." Uprising is available now on Xbox LIVE and comes to PS3 and PC on May 16.