I want my £40 back

Call of Duty Black Ops II Playstation 3

I want my £40 back

This game is an absolute piece of crap.

The hit detection is terrible

and above all im getting screwed for having good internet


I dont pay £30+ a month for fibre optic broadband to go on to this game and get artificial lag because i have a good connection its an absolute piss take.

Make the people who have crap internet suffer. and it may teach them to buy decent internet.

Im going back on to BF3 untill this is fixed. a game where i dont get screwed over for having decent internet.

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Re: I want my £40 back

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Yeah im feeling your pain to...the lag compensation in mw3 was bad but playable ish but its flaming horrendous my k.d in black ops1  1.70  ......in mw3 was 1.61.   .....In black ops 2 1.19   Funny how its got harder to play as my connections got faster.

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