Hardpoint. How do you play it?

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Re: Hardpoint. How do you play it?

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Often times when I'm playing it solo, my team seems to not be able to keep the Hardpoint under control long enough. So when this happens, I put on my Cold Blooded + Scavenger + Tactical Mask and Flash Bangs and find a hiding spot within the Hardpoint and hold onto a Flashbang while laying down in it facing the ground to keep the enemy from getting points while my teammates get to it and gun them down. 8 times out of 10, it takes them at least 15 seconds to find me if ever and if it's taking my teammates too long to get to the spot, I throw out the Flash Bangs and then knife everyone in sight then find a different hiding spot (If any).

It doesn't net me a high SPM like the others in the lobby running/gunning the entire match, but my team almost always wins when I do this. The most wins I've ever had in a row on Hardpoint is 31, all from using this strategy if needed.

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Re: Hardpoint. How do you play it?

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Team player. You can be on my team

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Re: Hardpoint. How do you play it?

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Don't really play hard point much, pity it isn't a clan challenge! I'd play it more if it was.

In the past I've mixed my playstyles up, If I can get the the HP first I will give it a go, and try and hold the area till team mates come and support! On the flip side, if i don't make it their first, I like to do a "spank" and hover around taking advantage of attacking enemies who don't expect me to be where I am!

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