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Re: camping

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what makes you think campers are only good for 5 kills. my average game is 15 the good games are 25+. it's funny how these RnG guys assume campers are always weaker lower skilled players. many of us can run and gun just as well as you can. we also like to let you serve up the free kills when you want it oh so bad.

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Re: camping

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RnG = SMG, Shotgun, Pistol only.

Mix it up = AR (some RnG) some spot and shoot.

Hold an area/lane = LMG, Sniper

I vary how I'm playing by the map and the weapon.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Re: camping

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Not to disagree however- experience. You rely on the other players to come to you. If they don't you have no targets. If they do, they are knuckle heads.

I have run across far more "less agressive" players that post single digit or low double digit scores. Very unremarkable players. The players that stick out in my mind are the ones that keep me on my heels and they typically also post the big numbers.

Congrats on your success but keep hoping the obtuse players land in your lobby; based on some of the posts here you should have no problems.

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Re: camping

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If you lag me I will Camp and bring the fight to me on my terms, that way I can compensate for the lag.

Sorry if you rushers start crying because you cant take advantage of the lagfest all the time.

If I cant get kills or hitmatks even if I have set up a kill zone then I will be gone.

Like RnG I will remain till winkled out or I feel its time to go then start all over again lol.

No lag I will mix it in the streets lag= camp my ass off

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Re: camping

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Camping discussion. Such a round-about that does little for our community. I encourage you to search though. We've had this discussion many times over.

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